Jumeirah Golf Estates Dubai

Jumeirah Golf Estates Dubai

Design and Build 16000ft Building in 12 weeks.

Andrew Ray (our Company President) was deployed whilst with Depa Interiors to manage through DESIGN and CONSTRUCTION of The Jumeirah Golf Club Hospitality Building that hosts the DP WORLD GOLF TOUR with famous names such as Tiger Woods. Construction was not the usual criteria of such a company however Andrew had convinced the Mivan Depa General Manager Paul Austin to gain the licences required or use a contractor to achieve and to carry out the project. Andrew had explained that although the company was not used to do such work the talent and his own experience that was available in the company we could do it.

The Clubhouse was on a Design and Build Contract and with a program from A to Z in a miraculous 12 weeks. Constructed from the sand, Foundations, Superstructure, Fully fitted out , Public Toilets, Luxury Locker and shower rooms, Golfing retail area, Proshop, Luxury Administration Offices, Bar , Restaurant , a substantial Industrial Kitchen , viewing terraces , specialist lighting design , specialist sound systems, HVAC Chiller yard, Firefighting , gas feeds and very substantial Genset yard to pour it all from the 5000gal diesel tanks in the back ground. Sewage lines were assisted for dispersal by means of lifting stations as the building was built below the available sewage connections.

The project was achieved by a very determined team, working day and night. The accomplishment included the dismantle of the superstructure and transport from the Palm Jumeirah to be relocated to Jumeirah Golf Estates. The Interior works was completely new. The end result,  on time and on budget in 2009. A proud moment for all concerned. Nakheel the Developer and JGE our Client.

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